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GDPR 2 Years On | What has been achieved? What challenges remain?

Against the backdrop of the release of the European Commission’s two-year review of the GDPR now delayed until June, key policymakers and experts joined this virtual event to take stock of the benefits the regulation has unleashed, share their views on the gaps that remain to be addressed, and discuss how they have been impacted by the regulation in the past two years. The session also asked how outstanding challenges and concerns around compliance and enforcement alignment across Member States can be best addressed and will debate issues around the capacity and resilience of the GDPR in facing continuous development of new data-driven innovations. In the context of the current health crisis relating to the Covid-19 outbreak, speakers  also examined areas of the regulation that may already need rethinking to enable Europe to fully foster the benefits that data-enabled innovation can bring to our society.

Key Themes:

  • Implementation, supervision and enforcement 
  • Successes and shortcoming of the one-stop-shop mechanism
  • Effectiveness of enforcement by DPAs 
  • GDPR & individual trust 
  • Impacts on European businesses
  • Responsiveness to new privacy considerations in AI
  • The shaping of new technology around GDPR requirements
  • Areas that have been identified where further progress or rethinking is necessary


Catch up on past sessions below:

Featuring conversations with:

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Salla Saastamoinen,

Acting Deputy Director General, DG JUST, European Commission

Jelinek 240

Andrea Jelinek

Chairwoman, European Data Protection Board

barbara 240

Barbara Cosgrove

Vice President & Chief Privacy Officer, Workday

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Isabella de Michelis

CEO and Founder, ErnieApp

Moderated by:


Paul Adamson

Chairman, Forum Europe


18 June 2020 - 14:00 - 16:20 CEST

Andrea Jelinek, Chair, European Data Protection Board

Salla Saastamoinen, Acting Director General, DG Justice

Barbara Cosgrove, Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer, Workday

Isabella de Michelis, CEO and Founder, ErnieApp

An interactive discussion and networking session – audience members will have the chance to take the floor and give their thoughts on the discussions that have taken place in the previous panel.


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This event has now taken place. Thank you to our speakers, participants and sponsors. We look forward to welcoming you to our next ‘Under the Spotlight’ event.